Wooden Companies

Ideal for:
Those teams that want to spend a day on themselves. Do a dynamic and moving activity, but with content and message.
from 1 to 45 people
3 to 4 hours
We will enter the woods with all the participants and a premise: "Build your team / company, making a cabin that represents it.
To do this, we will explore the forest to get the elements that help us to build in two ways; or investing the resources that we will give you in the different "shops" that you find through a map, or going a little further, the elements and tools that you will have available but hidden in the environment. All this, with a limited time.
Once built, all participants, in a semicircle next to the cabin, will explain what they have found, what they see and what life is like in this cabin.

This is a great opportunity to present the team's shared vision, an open-air day where we will play as children again, and spend quality time designing what is equivalent to a plan. action rather than practical.

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